April 10, 2010

Standing on the Wall ...

One of the most compelling stories in Scripture is the story of Nehemiah ... cup-bearer to the King, Nehemiah burns with a calling to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem ... the walls of God's city lie in ruins and God's people live in disgrace ... Nehemiah burns with this God dream to rebuild the wall and end this disgrace ... God gives him favor with the King and favor with the people ... so they gather to rebuild the Wall!

The people rally around this vision with passion ... in fact, everyone helps to rebuild the wall ... it's not just Nehemiah ... it's not just the leaders ... it's everyone ... everyone stands on the wall ... everyone works and everyone sacrifices and everyone gives their life to see this vision completed in their day!

I'm convinced this has always been God's heart for His people and His church ... that everyone would find their place on the wall ... that everyone would give themselves to the see God's work built in their day ... at the Stirring, we're looking for people who will stand with us on the wall!

Whether your passion is kids, couples, youth, missions, prayer, students, business, film or the city, our prayer is that you would find your place on the wall ... that you would stand and help us live out God's calling and purpose for our generation ... don't just sit there ... climb up here and give your life!