December 26, 2008

One Gathering ...

hey everyone, this coming Sunday, December 28th, we're having an all Stirring gathering at the Eureka Way Campus at 10 am ... we're calling it the One Gathering ...

yep, the entire Stirring packed into the Adventist Church ... filling every pew and the balcony ... it's gonna be sweet ...

remember, NO Sunday evening Stirring ... No 5 pm gathering and NO 7 pm gathering ... One Gathering at 10 am ... everyone's invited ... coffee and donuts and muffins and pews ... bring your mom and your children and your friends ...

this Sunday, we're wrapping up the Simple Series ... it's been such an amazing few weeks ... live simple, love loud ...

and then next Sunday, January 4th, we'll celebrate our 2 year Anniversary as a church ... we'll be reflecting on where God has brought us as a church and where God is taking us this coming year ... you're all invited ...

merry Christmas and a happy new year ...

December 10, 2008

Operation Christmas Child

This year we will send our operation Christmas Child Boxes to children in Mongolia. The Lains, missionaries we support, will pass out the boxes to children in need in their ministry.
Please use 8x10 Tupperware/shoeboxes to fill with some of the items below. Turn them in on Sunday, December 14th & 21st at the Stirring Gatherings. Thanks!

Items needed:
· Toys: cars, dolls, games, coloring books/sheets
· Clothing: tights, thermals, thick socks, cloth diapers, winter hats and gloves, warm sleepers for babies, belts

· School supplies: eraser tops, fat pencils, #2 pencil, color pencils, crayons

· Misc: toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap (bar only), vitamins, teething rings, zip locks & Tupperware (could be used as packing)

· Food: instant oatmeal and soups, meal seasonings: taco & spices, kool-aid or equivalent

December 3, 2008

Simple: Worry and Wealth

If you missed this week you can listen to the podcast here.

Here's some questions, thoughts and scriptures from Sunday to think about this week:

In a world that is spilling into the margins in every area of life, shouldn't the people of God be choosing a better way?

Jesus lived a simple, focused, and single-minded life. Every moment mattered. He was busy but not hurried. Lived out of relationship with the father. Had room for interruption.

Matthew 13:1-23 (The parable of the sower)
- Have you seen people respond to the message of this new kingdom in these different ways?
- Do you feel the choking from the worry of this life and the deceitfulness of wealth?

God's people have always been called to be set apart with their money. 23% of their income in the old testament was set aside for others.
- Are you living simple with your money?

We want to live simply so we can love loudly.
We want the life that is truly life!

December 2, 2008

December: a month of prayer and fasting

As a family, we wanted to have a month of prayer and fasting for some pressing issues in our community. On Sunday, some of you signed up to pray and fast for a day in December. Here are a few things to pray for:

Miller Family

· Randy’s complete Healing from Cancer

· God’s presence and protection in their marriage

· Strength for Chemotherapy & Side Effects

· No outside sickness during chemotherapy

· Parenting: understanding & support

· Provision in Finances & Insurance

· Support from community

The Stirring Community for 2009

· Unity in Marriages, Families

· Wisdom & support for Single Parents, Students, Kids

· Discipleship & Mentorship of a generation

· Provision in Finances

· New Spring Life Groups and Leaders

· Allowing margin in our lives: live simple.

· Becoming a family

Daniel 9:3

You can still sign up for a day at the Community Life Table on Sunday.