April 12, 2008

What in the world???

Erase the Dark was ridiculous
450+ people in a gym
6 amazing musicians
6 great films
100+ pieces of art
The best food ever eaten
$5500 total raised for Cypress Elementary and Eagles Soar after school program
Our first Erase the Dark music, art, and film festival was a huge success.
Thanks to everyone that made it happen!
Pictures will be coming shortly...hint, hint Emily


emilyrose said...

Dan, you are awesome! You deserve a HUGE pat on the back for your crucial help with Erase the Dark. The lighting would not have been the same without you. Not to mention how smoothly EVERYTHING went. You should look into becoming an event organizer! Seriously!

KalynRebecca said...

last night was great... lots of fun... and not quite enough space to breathe. sweet.

Emily Faulknor said...

I got the pictures and they are edited. I just need to get them to you. Ha! Meghan said she would get me a CD. Pictures pending CD. It was freakin' awesome Dan. You were amazing how you lit all of those pictures with Trisha. Amazing. It was an awesome night and I can't wait for the next one!