October 13, 2008

The Greedy Elephant

This weekend was huge...we planted our new campus on Eureka Way
We also started a new series about the elephant in the church.
This first week we tackled greed.

If you missed last night listen to the podcast here. (Should be up by Wednesdays)

Here's some questions, thoughts and scriptures from the night to think about this week:

Read this scripture: Luke 12:13-21
- Talk about some of the words and phrases Nate brought out of the text:
- Be on your guard (war language)
- The ground
- But God
- Rich toward God

Greed means: to have more. It's not about what you have. It's about not being content with what you do have.

We talked about the land of when...
- When I'm old enough, when I'm in my career, when I get out of debt...
- Do you find yourself saying these kind of things?

Big question for this week:
- I HAVE ENOUGH are three words you never hear. Do you have enough?

Read I Timothy 6:17-19

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