January 15, 2009

Honor- fathers and mothers, sons and daughters

If you missed this week you can listen to the podcast here.

Heather had some great thoughts about the first week. Please leave a comment if you have thoughts or questions. If you posted something on your blog leave us a link.

Here's some questions, thoughts and scriptures from Sunday to think about this week:

Honor is humility in action. Honor must be shown. It's not enough to have honorable feelings.

Read Exodus 20:12
This is the first commandment that comes with a promise. Honor brings life.
Nothing sucks the life out of a room like dishonor. Agree? Disagree?

Three words that show us our posture of honor as we grow:
1. As children we obey
2. As we get older we respect
3. As our parents get older we support

Honor goes way beyond our biological parents.
We have a call to father and mother the next generation. Call out, love, lead, shape, protect, and teach in the way of Jesus.
Honor is what holds the generations together.

Read Malachi 4:6

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