July 12, 2010

Men's Retreat: August 20-22, 2010

Hey Stirring men, it's that time again-time to break away from the emasculating confines of society and thrive in nature as wild men of God. Last year's men's retreat featured downhill mountain bike racing, stirring (no pun intended) speakers, and a severe injury to Campus Pastor Sean Gaffner. Good times indeed.

This year, the Men's Retreat will be at Lassen Pines from August 20 to August 22, starting with dinner at 6pm on Friday through breakfast on Sunday morning. Just like last year, there will be friendly(more or less) competition, paintball, fire pits, lakes, poker, and of course, awesome man-food. UNLIKE last year, there will be enough beds for everybody, so nobody has to sleep on the floor this year. And we're trying to keep maulings to a minimum this year as well.

It'll be less intense than this:

But more intense than this:

Gaff's heading up there today to scout out the situation and plan out the shenanigans. Participants will be limited to the first 75 men who sign up and pay the full $110 fee, so get off your butt and email Sean at sean@thestirring.org or Amy at amy@thestirring.org to sign up.

Be a man. Go to the Men's Retreat.

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