December 2, 2008

December: a month of prayer and fasting

As a family, we wanted to have a month of prayer and fasting for some pressing issues in our community. On Sunday, some of you signed up to pray and fast for a day in December. Here are a few things to pray for:

Miller Family

· Randy’s complete Healing from Cancer

· God’s presence and protection in their marriage

· Strength for Chemotherapy & Side Effects

· No outside sickness during chemotherapy

· Parenting: understanding & support

· Provision in Finances & Insurance

· Support from community

The Stirring Community for 2009

· Unity in Marriages, Families

· Wisdom & support for Single Parents, Students, Kids

· Discipleship & Mentorship of a generation

· Provision in Finances

· New Spring Life Groups and Leaders

· Allowing margin in our lives: live simple.

· Becoming a family

Daniel 9:3

You can still sign up for a day at the Community Life Table on Sunday.

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