December 10, 2008

Operation Christmas Child

This year we will send our operation Christmas Child Boxes to children in Mongolia. The Lains, missionaries we support, will pass out the boxes to children in need in their ministry.
Please use 8x10 Tupperware/shoeboxes to fill with some of the items below. Turn them in on Sunday, December 14th & 21st at the Stirring Gatherings. Thanks!

Items needed:
· Toys: cars, dolls, games, coloring books/sheets
· Clothing: tights, thermals, thick socks, cloth diapers, winter hats and gloves, warm sleepers for babies, belts

· School supplies: eraser tops, fat pencils, #2 pencil, color pencils, crayons

· Misc: toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap (bar only), vitamins, teething rings, zip locks & Tupperware (could be used as packing)

· Food: instant oatmeal and soups, meal seasonings: taco & spices, kool-aid or equivalent

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larry said...

Thank you so much for being a part of this with us. We will be taking these to the Ger district and handing them out to children in need. The Ger districts are those on the fringe of the city. A ger is a felt tent that is usually heated by burning coal this time of year...the only place were a child would love to have a lump of coal in their stocking over...waking up to find all your water and everything else frozen in the morning.... I thank Him always for you and being a part of our family.
thelains the MongolFam.