July 7, 2010

Community Spotlight: Gabe Kossol

by Nicole Garbutt

I had the chance to sit down with Gabe and get to know a bit more about one of the Stirring’s newest staff members.

Gabe has been a part of the Stirring community since it began, albeit long distance. After growing up here in Northern California, he moved out to Colorado to attend Colorado Christian University. There, he and his wife, Krista, followed the Stirring through podcasts and catching occasional services while home visiting family.

Once finished with college, Gabe worked as a worship pastor and youth leader at a local church in Colorado. Still, he and his wife felt very impacted by the Stirring and prayed that God would open a door for them to move back to Redding and an opportunity to get involved.

Shortly after the birth of his daughter, Lily, that door opened. God told him it was time to go and he and his family moved back to California. He is now on staff as a sound technician and even leads worship from time to time. Gabe has a huge heart for teenagers and leads a high school life group alongside his wife. He feels called to train and disciple the next generation of worship leaders.

When asked if there was anything random or quirky he had to share about himself, it turned to hair, or rather the faux-hawk. Between the hair style and the glasses, Gabe says that not a day goes by that he isn’t confused as one on Nate’s brothers or as Nate himself.

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Anna said...

I'm so glad we have Gabe at the Stirring, he's been an AMAZING addition to our worship team! I LOVE it when he leads worship.