March 9, 2008

something that should have been said..

So we have been talking about God dreams, and how God longs to dream through his children.. which essentially means that God loves to see His dreams, that He has given to us lived out..

Well tonight we talked about encouragement, and the fact that we all need to be encourager's, and be surrounded by encourager's..

Well I just wanted to say something that I should of said tonight as an encouragement to everyone out there.. I just feel like there are some people who don't know who they are, or really who God has called them to be.. Well I just want to say.. Ask.. God knows.. He wants to tell you.. He believes in you, even though you may think that their are no encourager's in your life.. He has always believed in you..

You see, God gets excited when we realize, and start to live out who we were created to be.. So be encouraged, God is speaking to you and telling you who you are, who you have always been..

Jedidiah, a clothing company from SoCal, did this campaign a while back where they printed inside their shirts the phrase "Become what you wear".. The name Jedidiah means "friend of the Lord".. So what they were saying is "Become a friend of God." I really liked that idea.. I would like to rephrase this a bit and make it relevant for our series.. So..

"Become who you were created to be.."


erinkaye said...

I really needed what was said last night. It totally spoke to me!

Nicole said...

Hey, we thought you might be interested in hearing that Jedidiah Clothing has a cool new Community Project Series site to support our humanitarian partners through stories, art, and community. You can go to to make a profile, vote on t-shirts, submit stories, and support our partners. Thanks for your support!