September 15, 2008

We Love Each Other

Last night was part 2 in our we love...we make disciples series.

I'm posting on Mondays with some thoughts, questions, and verses from our Sunday gatherings. We're hoping that our gatherings are not just a one way conversation. We want to be wrestling with these ideas through the week in Life Groups and in our day to day relationships. Feel free to leave some comments.

If you missed last night listen to the podcast here. (Might take a couple days to get up...sorry)

Read Acts 2:42
The disciples were devoted to four things
- The apostles teaching: learning and living the way of Jesus
- Fellowship: that word means as committed to each other as we are to much more than church potlucks!
- The breaking of the bread- sharing a meal with the risen Lord
- Prayer: the most natural expression of our love for God

- Do you really want to be a part of a movement like this?
- Are we as committed to each other as we are to Jesus?

Read I John 4:7-21
- Thoughts?

So many times our love is THIN...we're too busy...spread thin...committed to everything so we're really committed to nothing.

We want to be a community that loves THICK...Jesus loved the world but was devoted to a few. We want to follow his example.

- Who are you devoted to?
- Who are you in fellowship with?
- Who are you locking arms with this year?

Loving God is easy. He never lets us down...never leaves us...never wounds us.
Loving other Christians is hard. Most of our deepest wounds come from other Christians. Why?
Sometimes we need to bear with one another in love. Ephesians 4:2
We have the choice to run when we're faced with difficult people but what happens if we do?

Read John 13:34-35
As a church you can be known for a lot of things but we want to be disciples that are known by love!
It's easy to go to church...sing songs...and wear Christian t-shirts.
Loving thick...being devoted to a few...loving through pain and wounds...that's church!

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Meghan said...

Sunday was so good! So many of us have been under the horrible weight of unforgiveness-damaging us more than the people we haven't been able to forgive. Keep it coming Nate.