September 22, 2008

We love the world

Last night was part 3 in our we love...we make disciples series.

We want to be wrestling with these ideas through the week in Life Groups and in our day to day relationships.

If you missed last night listen to the podcast here. (Should be up by Wednesdays)

Read Acts 17:16-34
- Paul's heart is burning for the people of Athens...he stands up in the center of the Greek world...he starts describing God to them.
- What was his posture towards the people he was addressing?

Three big thoughts from the night:
1. God is already moving in people's lives. He's already there. We don't bring him to places like Africa in our pockets. He's the God of the whole world. He wants us to join him in what he's already doing.
- Is this a shift in thinking for you?
- Do we see everyone first as created in God's image?

2. God is calling all creation back to himself. John 12:31-32 He has placed a deep hunger for God in the heart of every person. We were created to live face to face with God...All of us. It's not our calling to get people saved...salvation belongs to God. Our calling is to love people towards Jesus
- Is this a shift in thinking for you?
- What are some creative ways God is asking you to ignite that hunger in others?

3. God is bringing people into our lives every day. Are we willing to get uncomfortable enough to love the world God has placed us in? Talk...pray...share...listen. We don't have to go out to do outreach. All of life is reaching out to those around us. That's why we keep things simple with Life Groups. We want to spend as little amount of time as possible in the church building so we can give our lives to the people in our community.
- Do you see the people in your life that you bump up against everyday this way?

Read Colossians 4:2-6
- Let this be our prayer for the world God has called us to love every day.


Erica said...

Thanks for the summary of the night. I really like reading them from your perspective.

Littau family said...

I love reading of the things you are doing in the community. Thanks for your hard work and dedication in bringing Jesus into the hearts of the Redding people!

There is so much creativity and the artwork and short films are so well done. - Mike Littau