September 8, 2008

We Love God

Last night we started our vision series at the Stirring.
From now on I'm going to put up a post on Monday with some thoughts, questions, and verses from our Sunday gatherings. We're hoping that our gatherings are not just a one way conversation. We want to be wrestling with these ideas through the week in Life Groups and in our day to day relationships. Feel free to leave some comments.

If you missed last night listen to the podcast here. (Might take a couple days to get up...sorry)

Read Luke 7:36-50 (The story of the sinful woman at the feet of Jesus)
- After hearing the context of the story last night did the passage open up to you in new ways?
- Who do you identify with in the story?
The Pharisees caught up in religion and judgment of others?
The ones on the outskirts of the courtyard, hiding in shame in the shadows?
The sinful woman that disgraced herself and risked everything to get to Jesus?

Read Acts 1-4 this week
- When Jesus ascends to heaven the first thing the disciples do is worship together. They spend time in prayer and God shows up in powerful, unexplainable ways. Do we want that for our church? Are we that crazy in love with God?

- Prayer should be the most natural expression of our love for God. Is that how we see prayer? Do you find ourselves talking to God in the car, when we wake up, and when we're at work and school?

Acts 4:13 says the people took notice that Peter and John had been with Jesus even though they were unschooled and ordinary men. Do people take notice of that in our lives?

Here's a great verse to memorize this week: Deuteronomy 6:4-9

We are having a night of prayer this Wednesday from 7-10 p.m. in the sanctuary of the Nazarene Church. Everyone's invited. For more information check the website.


kristyn miller said...

thank you so much for posting this on monday. sometimes it's nice to go back and remember what all was said, and let it sink in. for those of us who don't take notes, this is invaluable. it makes it a lot easier to work through any lingering questions...

Emily Branca said...

you seriously rock dan. thanks!!

DarlaGeiger said...

thanks for the reminder of last week. :)